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It is important to us that you get a professional website. We do not use any ready-made modules for this, but build the website according to your wishes. After all, it should present your vision, values and character to the outside world.

A website can be narrow and contain the most important information or it can also display all products / services more extensively.


If you would like to have a web presence with additional functions, a platform is exactly the right thing for you. For example, you can book appointments, offer courses or add map features. There are no limits.

Here, too, we are happy to respond to your individual wishes and adapt the platform to your company both optically and technically.


A webshop is mainly used to sell products online. Depending on how extensive your assortment is, we will build you a webshop according to your wishes.

Of course, the design of the webshop can be individually adapted to your company.


We would be happy to create an individual software for you. Just tell us your problem and together we will find a way to solve it technologically.

This can come into question for you, for example, if conventional systems do not meet your needs and you want a product that is adapted to your requirements.


Websites, web shops, platforms and co. Need a safe home too, of course. We offer you hosting that is 100% located in Carinthia. A technically as well as legally secure environment to save your website.

Security has been a high priority for us right from the start. After all, it's about your data.


We make sure that the technology in your company runs smoothly so that you can focus on your day-to-day business.

Our services range from individual advice to the installation and maintenance of servers, networks and computers.


Alpsware is the right choice for you. Please feel free to arrange a non-binding appointment with us to discuss your project.

What drives us
Digitization has become indispensable today. We want to use them sensibly in companies. This can be done through a more efficient and sustainable process design.
We are very motivated to offer our customers individual software products and services that are affordable.
Alpsware stands for efficiency and solution-oriented work. In combination with the fact that customer satisfaction is our top priority, meaningful projects can be created over the long term.

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your technologies

Questions that we are asked frequently

What is the difference between website, webshop and platform?

A website represents. Information about you and your company can be displayed there. In a web shop you can offer your products for sale. This can also be embedded in the website. A platform is usually suitable for larger projects and can include functions such as booking appointments, ratings or maps.

How much does the initial purchase of a website cost?

A website is the digital face of a person or a company. We attach great importance to making your website as individual and personal as you are. Websites, proudly made by Alpsware, therefore do not have a fixed price. This depends on your wishes and needs. Basically, however, it can be said that the creation of a homepage with Alpsware starts at 1,500 €.

What is needed for your own website?

Good texts (content about you, your services or products) are essential for a successful website. High-quality images, photos or videos bring the website to life. You also need a domain address and a hosting space, which we can provide on request. We take care of the rest.

How much does an initial consultation cost and what does it include?

An individual initial consultation with Alpsware is free of charge. We discuss your requirements, go through ideas together and get inspiration from existing websites.

How long does it take to build a website?

Depending on how extensive the website is to be, the duration of the creation is calculated. On average, a site can be ready for go-live in 2-3 months. This depends very much on the communication between you and us, because we depend, among other things, on your cooperation (transmission of data, images, texts, ...).

What does a website cost in the following years?

After completion of the website, it is entirely yours. We do not consider annual additional costs to bind you to our company. Should you decide to continue with us, we will be happy to carry out all technical maintenance of the website and update your content. For this activity we charge 300-600€, depending on the size of the website. In addition, there are the annual costs for hosting and domain addresses with third-party providers.

What is the process at Alpsware when you are interested in a service?

First, we discuss your requirements in a detailed consultation. This is followed by a quotation. If the customer confirms the project, we then discuss the implementation. Two to four weeks later (depending on the scope), the customer receives a programmed first draft from us and continuous feedback loops follow until the customer is satisfied with the interface. Now the content and images/photos can be added. Finally, the website is handed over to the customer and the go-live takes place.

Is it possible to transfer the data from the old website?

Yes, that is of course possible. We will be happy to offer you the option of backing up the data from the old website and, if necessary, importing it into the new website.